Lake Lucerne in bad weather

One of the reasons I love Switzerland for is that it has got so many wonderful lakes surrounded by green mountains. The one I like most is Lake Lucerne.

If you are going to drive from Zurich southwards, towards the Alps and Canton Ticino, you’re going to drive for about 10 miles along the coast of this wonderful lake, made of an erratic shape and surrounded by majestic mountains diving almost vertically into its crystal waters.

As a psychologically meteoropathic person I largely favor sunny, bright days, and that is also true when I look at Lake Lucerne: I prefer to see it on beautiful days, with the sun reflecting on the surface.

The other day, however, weather scenario was completely different. Nonetheless, quite an amazing view under those circumstances either:

Lake Lucerne is named after the Swiss town with the same name. Its name in German is a long word (“Vierwaldstättersee”, which makes my colleagues smile when I try to pronounce it) that translates as: “Lake of the four forested cantons” (You know, German language tends to be very explicative).

They say: “There is no place like home”. Well, I’ve been lucky enough to move to such a beautiful country, so that homesickness is mitigated.

Here’s the route I am talking about:


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