I Fly Niki Air for (almost) cheap plane tickets

I flew with Niki for the third time. I think it is a good alternative to Austrian Airlines and Swiss when you have to fly to and from Austria. Also, it is one of the few low-cost carriers serving Zurich. Actually, Wikipedia defines it as a semi-lowcost airline, which I deem appropriate. In fact, it has intermediate features between normal airlines and low cost airlines.
It has rather convenient fares, cheaper than other carriers, although in average higher than the ones of low-cost airlines.
It serves both major and almost unknown airports. Niki offers also a few intercontinental flights.
Service times are quite normal, as compared to other European low-cost carriers that seem to compete on which one is taking off earlier in the morning or landing later in the night.
As about airline food with Niki, we were served a free snack during our short international flight of one hour. Well, it was a very very small one, even for European standards, but at least you didn’t have to pay if you wanted a bite of food, as it happens with most low-cost airlines.
Aircraft’s interior was nice and new. Space among rows was acceptable. The route was shown on overhead screens. In our case, aircraft was an Airbus A320.

What I initially found very funny about Niki, is its logo: The Fly. A stylized fly is painted on the front section of the fuselage of all Niki aircrafts.

Niki air is named after Niki Lauda, a former Formula One racer.

This time, I was given a seat with Niki air after purchasing a ticket with another airline: Air Berlin, the German carrier owning Niki. I hope I will soon have a chance to fly with Air Berlin so to have an idea as to what kind of service they offer. Here you can find a review of it.

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