Monuments on the road

This monument [click to enlarge] is located near the city of Arad, Western Romania. By the way, where is Romania?

Dating back 1974, it is for me a typical example of communist, cold war era, grey, eastern European style. But, while ugly, it is still a piece of history, actually a double piece of history, of both communist era and World War II period. It is there to remember some people who lost their lives fighting for freedom.

In fact, it was erected to remember the 380 Romanian victims of the battle of Paulis, fought in the area against Nazi Germany troops in 1944.

If for some reason you are in Western Romania (the region called Banat), for instance in Timisoara or Arad, and you intend to drive east, towards central Romania (for instance to Transylvania, or the capital city Bucharest), along state road #7, you will encounter that monument about 20 Kms (12 miles) east of Arad.

We found it on a sunny summer afternoon, during a long drive day.

Close-up of the soldiers’ statue

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