The most beautiful place on Earth

What is for you the most beautiful place on EarthThe most beautiful place on Earth, the most spectacular place you’ve ever been to?

What was the top moment in your traveling experience?

Which is the place that gave you the deepest emotions?

The one that you couldn’t even imagine it was so exciting, or moving, until you saw it?

The place that, while you were looking at it, you couldn’t even believe you were actually there?

Did that ever happen to you?

Let me know about that in the comment section. This blog has so few readers – and even less comments – at the moment, that probably few to no people will answer this. But I wanted to ask those questions now anyway.

One reason is that my own answer is connected to a series of future articles I am planning to write.

So… when did top moment in my personal travel experience occur?

It was on December 13, 2007, and it has been eternalized in this picture:

The most beautiful place on Earth

This is the sight that will be forever engraved in my heart.

I’m onboard an airplane that has just taken off from a plateau located near the coast of Adélie Land, Antarctica.

For days we have traveled on a small, sea-sick-provider ship on the Antarctic Sea. After leaving New Zealand one week earlier, and after sailing in the middle of iceberg fields, we have finally reached the coast of Antarctica.

All what we have seen during the last two days of navigation is unforgettable: icebergs as big as a town, pack and sky confused together, penguins diving into the chilling waters, the white continental ice sheet meeting the sea under the most possible blue sky.

A Canadian fellow, while looking at those spectacular views, told me: “we’ve got something to tell the bambino”.

But as for me, that wasn’t the end of that. For some reason, my first view of the Antarctic plateau from the plane is, to this day, the most moving memory I have about this world.

I remember the glare from the snow enlightening the air to levels never seen before. I remember my astonishment. I remember thinking: “is this another planet? There is something so spectacular on Earth, and yet, most people will never see it”.

I remember the white surface meeting the horizon in any direction. Only ice and sky, and nothing else.

I could not say anything.

Although I know that going back to Antarctica someday is very unlikely for me, nothing will ever delete that sight from my memories.

I’m a very lucky person.

10 Thoughts on “The most beautiful place on Earth

  1. Wow, what a fabulous experience! Antarctica is absolutely one of the places I have to see, period. You truly are lucky! :)
    Pola (@jettingaround) recently posted..Photo Focus: Chicago’s Ferris WheelMy Profile

    • A place to see and to feel.
      Wealthy people can go there as tourists, but I prefer what happened to me, being there as a scientist/engineer. Even if you have a lot of work to do, even having your skin constantly chilled, doesn’t prevent you to see that beauty.
      TheTuscan recently posted..The most beautiful place on EarthMy Profile

  2. Wow that is unbelievable! Like Pola said, you are very lucky I hope that someday I have the opportunity to see it.

    I was just thinking about the most breathtaking place for me and it’s probably tied between two places. First was the moment that I turned the corner into Yosemite driving up from the South and in an instant the entire valley was in sight. The second would be when I was at Machu Picchu. It was foggy the whole morning & we hiked up the mountain next to it to get a better view. Hours later we got to the top & we couldn’t see anything because of clouds and fog. We sat up there for a few minutes and suddenly the sun broke through and we had a view of the whole place, it was amazing.
    Lauren recently posted..Tactics for Avoiding a Stomach Bug while TravelingMy Profile

    • At the moment trips to Antarctica are mostly for wealthy people and for scientists (more on that on a later article).
      However, who knows how it will be years or decades from now? For what we know, we could all travel on space one day (ok, Antarctica is more likely than outer space!)
      Thank you for sharing your best travel moment(s), and welcome to Any Latitude!
      TheTuscan recently posted..New South Wales attractions: Kiama BlowholeMy Profile

  3. My favorite place is very trivially. It is the Maldives.
    But the Antarctica is something incredible! May be sometimes…
    Victor Tribunsky recently posted..Two Parts of Paradise – Vilamendhoo Island and Reethi Beach ResortMy Profile

  4. Lucky indeed! So cool!

    • 10 years ago I would have never even imagined I could go to Antarctica, let alone living there for 6 months of my life in total.
      You never know in life.
      Thank you for your comment, Koren.

  5. I love this post… I can’t tell you how many times I’ve fantasised about Antarctica… but unlike most other places, where I’m able to find things relatively cheaply, it doesn’t apply with Antarctica because it’s so remote that you have no other choice but to shell out the money! So I doubt I’ll be able to go for many years – Although I guess this aligns in nicely with the old cliché of ‘good things come to those who wait’!

    Like Lauren, I think one of my top travel experiences was entering Yosemite – it’s so majestic.
    Shing @ The Culture Map recently posted..Getting to know Łódź through its street artMy Profile

    • I also fantasised a lot about Antarctica during the years preceeding my first experience there, but that didn’t prepare me to what I was going to see and experience. It was too huge.
      In fact, a major frustration about what I wrote here and I will write in other articles comes from the impossibility to completely express the feelings that such an experience gave to me. Words are not enough (unfortunately that is often true in life in general).
      For instance, I remember very vividly looking at the towering icebergs under a lead-colored sky, a beautiful and yet terrible view, and wondering how first explorers back in the 19th century could not panic looking at that, while their wooden ships creaked under ice pressure.

      We are young, who knows what possibilities we will have 30 years from now. You may put a foot on the continent during your life.

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