New South Wales attractions: Kiama Blowhole

One of New South Wales attractions is Kiama’s Blowhole.New South Wales attractions: Kiama Blowhole

If you are in Sydney area, in Australia, and you’d like to see a natural spectacular phenomenon, you could just drive 120 km (75 mi) south with the town of Kiama as destination.
Kiama is a small town in New South Wales, located on the Pacific Coast.

On the shores of Kiama, not far away from town center, you will find the Kiama Blowhole, which is, most of the time, nothing else than a hole in the rocky coastal line, a chasm falling into the volcanic-originated rock, located a few meters from the sea.
This hole is connected to the sea by an underground channel thou, and when the wind blows from south-east, water sprays out vertically from the hole up to 80 ft and falls back in foam fountains, soaking those present.
This effect is due to the pressure accumulated by the air in the underlying cave, which pushes water up through the hole.

I visited the Kiama Blowhole in summer. I was in Sydney, NSW, and it was my intention to drive south and reach Melbourne, Victoria. Instead of jumping onto the Hume Motorway, the highway that connects the two cities directly, I drove south along the coast, quickly covering the 120 km that separate Sydney from Kiama.
I visited it on a sunny, clear, hot summer day, but unfortunately there was no sign of Blowhole activity of any kind. The sea was very calm and there was no wind at all. Too bad!

New South Wales attractions: Kiama Blowhole

In the middle of the picture is the well where water sprays out from. But not today!

The ocean in Kiama, New South Wales, on a beautiful summer day

The ocean in Kiama, New South Wales, on a beautiful summer day

Here’s a video of the Kiama Blowhole on a day of activity:

You can find a lot of photos of the Kiama Blowhole in full swing here.

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6 Thoughts on “New South Wales attractions: Kiama Blowhole

  1. When I’m not in a hurry and there’s a non-expressway route available, I like to take it. You can see so much along the way!

    Too bad you didn’t get to see the blowhole activity, but the views of the ocean are beautiful!
    Pola (@jettingaround) recently posted..Organizing trip souvenirs: think inside the boxMy Profile

    • It is active only on certain conditions therefore, when I saw the sunny day, I knew I had very few chances! But, as you said, detours make you enjoy nuances you wouldn’t expect.
      The road which got me back inland toward the Hume highway went through a beautiful hilly area covered in woods.
      TheTuscan recently posted..The most beautiful place on EarthMy Profile

  2. I can relate to the experience of looking for some attraction that isn’t there, and finding another kind of beauty along the way. That’s the great serendipity of travelling:)
    Italian Notes recently posted..Roast lamb with potatoes and herbsMy Profile

  3. The views are beautiful!!
    Ashley of Ashley Abroad recently posted..Two Days at a 200-Year Old French Apple FarmMy Profile

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