2013 Blog Posts

Charlie Chaplin grave. Where is Charlie Chaplin buried?

The Broken Chair in Geneva — is Geneva the city of peace?

Do Italians really like Berlusconi? Are they going to elect him again?

Visiting Zagreb in search of a new conception of Croatia

A tale of Antarctica

Out in the middle of nowhere, up north in winter

How I ate for free in Finland

How to stay in St. Petersburg on a budget — My experience at Nevsky Inn

Learn how to deal with Finnish people by knowing how they think

All you wanted to know about the Papal Conclave

Facts about the Alps, Europe’s great mountain range

How to find Alitalia Flight 404 memorial

Saint Petersburg’s architectural beauty and attractions: a photo essay

Hand-gesture language in Italy and in the world

Where to find the fastest trains in service in the world?

The porphyry disc in St. Peter where Charlemagne was crowned in the year 800 is still there

Facts about the Ural Mountains, boundary between Europe and Asia

Best country to be born in 2013

Corruption in the world: Where can I move to find less corruption?

Food in St. Petersburg, or how I ate as a real Russian (did I?)

Canadian police cars are not easy to spot: how to avoid a traffic ticket in Canada

Cliffs of Moher Facts and photos

How to get to Antarctica by sea

Best countries to move to according to your needs: the Better Life Index

Culture shock experiences from expats

Driving in Switzerland: don’t deal with Swiss Police, they will deal with you

Criminal justice system in Japans: effective but chilling to Westerners

An example of direct democracy

Where to find ruins of war in Europe: the German hills of the dead and destruction (and rebirth)

Interpreting events overseas using one’s native culture

Loose firearms laws and gun circulation in the world: it’s not only the US

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