Out in the middle of nowhere, up north in winter

As soon as I jumped into the car at the airport I saw a green cable placed on the passenger’s seat.
When I reached my hotel, I noticed that every parking bay had a stake with a box on top of it. Inside the box, a power socket and a settable timer. The green cable is used to connect the box to a small socket on the front of the car. That will provide power to maintain engine and battery warm. My car has also studded tires.

Roads are covered in thick ice, the sky is never really bright — even in the middle of the day — and the landscape is one of the most beautiful winter views I’ve ever seen. There is not that much snow, but it’s enough to make everything white.
Trees are tall and seem to be all conifers. The panorama is mostly flat, you can see a few small wooden houses every now and then. Most of them are yellow or white.
While driving on a country road, I spot a little kid dressed in a blue jacket walking by. He is probably going to school. Apart from the drivers of a couple of cars, he’s the only human being I’ve seen in half an hour.
I look for child-like amusement by pushing on the pedal in second gear in order to let the wheels violently slip on the ice until a warning light starts flashing and the vehicle skids.

It would be very stupid if I’d find myself in a ditch, but today I’m feeling euphoria, because I’m in Northern Europe in winter. This is Finland.

A country road in southern Finland, in February

A mailbox with no house in sight

3 Thoughts on “Out in the middle of nowhere, up north in winter

  1. Winter sure is beautiful up in those parts. I once sat on a train from St. Petersburg to Helsinki, it was snowing the whole way. It seemed very normal. I was in awe of the winter wonderland. I hope that you’re able to take advantage of the sauna culture up there.
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  2. This makes me want to take a quick trip to Finland. Looks like you enjoyed yourself.

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