Best country to be born in 2013

Which countries are the best to be born in? Where my children would have the best opportunities? These questions tease any prospective expat parent. The Economist tries to give an answer to these questions since many years.

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The moment we consider relocating to another country we ask ourselves whether and how that will improve our life.

If you have children, you would probably think of an improvement in their quality of life first.

Therefore becoming an expat can often be a way to give a better future to our children. Hence the question of this article: in which country should I give birth and raise my children in order to give them a better life than the one I have?

The Economist answers this question since more than two decades, with the Lottery of Life, an annual list of the best countries in the world to be born.

According to the last edition, the best country in the world to be born in 2013 is Switzerland.

Second place goes to Australia.

You’ll also notice that all the Scandinavian countries are comprised in the best 11 places.

United States and Germany are found both in 16th place, while UK is apparently ranking terribly, on position number 27.

The ranking is drawn up on the basis of 11 different indexes, some of which relate to the current situation of a given country, while others forecast the future of the quality of life for that country.

Moreover, the study takes into account both subjective factors (what people say about feeling happy for a given country), and objective data (e.g., average salary in relation to cost of living).

According to The Lottery of Life, factor that most matters in order to rank well is wealth. This accounts for about two-thirds.

Wealth is calculated by combining both current economic data and forecasts for 2030–the year when babies of today will reach adulthood.

The remaining third is the sum of rather heterogeneous factors, including:

Human Rights / Freedom
Life expectancy
Level of education
Levels of crime
Trust in political institutions
Equal opportunities
Involvement in social activities
Health of family life (divorce rates)
Level of boredom
Philistine factor

Here a better explanation of the method they use.
My wife and I have no children. However, it is a pleasant feeling to know that if we want to have one, we are living and working right in the best place at this time.


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4 Thoughts on “Best country to be born in 2013

  1. On what place is Italy?
    Victor Tribunsky recently posted..Excursions in Phuket or Let Me Be Your Tour GuideMy Profile

  2. I’ll still choose UK over any other country.
    Christopher James recently bets no deposit footballMy Profile

  3. Dunkleosteus on December 17, 2015 at 7:35 am said:

    The list is wrong: Chile should be higher than #23. Here it’s like the US in Spanish.

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