Best countries to move to according to your needs: the Better Life Index

A grafic country rating on 11 different topics

A grafic country rating on 11 different topics

Even when people have the opportunity and the willingness to move their whole life abroad for whatever reason, it can be difficult to choose what country is the best.
Some have a dream country, but it’s not like that for everybody. Many just would know they want to move abroad, but aren’t sure where to.

I’ve personally been through that: years ago I knew for sure I wanted to leave Italy (or I should say flee), but I had no idea which country best suited my needs and my nature.
I knew for sure that I wanted to move to a less-corrupted country. I liked the abundance of opportunities that the US can offer. I loved Australia’s quality of life. I was attracted by the culture of some European countries like the UK, Switzerland and Germany.

If you are going through this yourself, please check out the Better Life Index web page.

The better life index

The OECD’s Better Life Index is an indicator that takes in account eleven different aspects in quality of life and rates countries basing on all of them or part of them. They call them “topics”.

You can rate the different topics independently from a minimum to a maximum and check what countries score best according to what aspects are most important in life to you.

The different life topics are:

Civic engagement
Life satisfaction
Work-life balance

I did not know about it when I was considering applying for work positions abroad, but it is nice to find out that after rating those different topics in order of importance for me, Switzerland scored among the best.
As I said, I’m a lucky person.
And so you can be. Don’t be afraid of following your dreams.

The most important topics for me in the above list are Housing, Income, Environment, Health, and Life Satisfaction. What are yours? I’d love to hear about that in the comments.


The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has been established in 1961 and, according to their about page, their mission is “to promote policies that will improve the economic and social well-being of people around the world.”

Which, by the way, are also the basic reasons why people choose to move abroad.

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4 Thoughts on “Best countries to move to according to your needs: the Better Life Index

  1. Really important things to consider when moving countries…As an American who has lived in Europe for over 5 years and lived in Australia for a year, I would pretty much agree with what you ranked most important. I’d move back to Australia but my father is 85 and I like the idea of being a direct flight away from him, rather than half way around the globe.

    • Australia is the country I like most in the world and I considered to move there very seriously. Being half way around the world away from my native continent didn’t help.
      I’m still waiting for supersonic jets to replace current aircrafts!

  2. I can’t wait for the super sonic jets too…Tired of going back to Australia to see family the old fashioned way! 😉

  3. This is very useful. I always wondered about Italy.
    stacy recently posted..Paleo Recipe Book Review-Part Time PaleoMy Profile

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