About the Tuscan and Any Latitude

I’m a full-time expat and a part-time traveler.
As the nickname suggests, I was born and raised in Central Italy. Many people love Tuscany because they see it as a fairy place. I love it because it is just home–and there is no place like home.

However, I always thought of myself as much more than simply a Tuscan, or an Italian. First and foremost I’m a human being, and for what I know the other seven billion people on this planet are too. We must all have a lot in common. We speak different languages, we live under very different climates, we have different religions, we have cultures sometimes so distant, that the everyday life of a people is the unthinkable of another.
And yet, difference can be exciting and drive desire for knowledge.

I wanted to get to know the world as much as I could since I was a child and I started traveling since the times my pockets were empty.
At the moment I’ve been lucky enough to visit 30 countries over 4 continents. I was also blessed to live six months of my life on a fifth continent: Antarctica.
I know traveling will never be enough for me.

At a certain point in my life I grew a wish to have a second home and to delve into a different culture, therefore I decided to permanently relocate to another country.
Also the instable situation in my native country played a role in convincing me to seek a better life somewhere else.

Therefore I and my loved one decided to move to Switzerland, a country so close to Italy but quite different in mentality.
Yet I feel at home here. In fact, one of my biggest frustrations is that I still can’t understand very well the dialect of what I consider my fellow citizens. It will come over time.

Any Latitude is a place for those who share such citizen-of-the-world lifestyle, or would like to.
If you are an expat, or you want to be an expat; if you travel the world, or you’d like to; if you are simply interested in knowing different cultures – then you are in the right place.

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