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Let me introduce the new Blogroll

From now on, Any Latitude has its own blogroll. It is a collection of blogs / websites I frequently read or I find particularly interesting.

This page will be always reachable by following the link above: “LINKS”.

Here are the four initial entries. More to be added in the future.


earthdrifterI have to be honest, although Mike’s articles about places and cultures are extremely interesting, my favorite are the ones focused on food. This guy can really whet your appetite for exotic food to the point that after reading you wonder if there is a restaurant around the corner that serves the same dish.
Apart from that, I think he has a talent for seeing people’s lives and feelings and for bringing them to the reader.
Too bad that he doesn’t write often.

“I try to pick up positive pieces of the different cultures I come across, making each of these specific cultural attributes a part of my own unique subculture.”

Aisha2Expatlog is the blog of Aisha Ashraf, a writer, an expat, a mother. I like it because of her writing style and of the topics she writes about. The author focuses on personal life, expat life, and menthal illness. On her website you will find valuable information and reflections on these topics. Recommended for those who are interested in life challenges, expat life with kids, mixed-culture family.


Italian Notes
italiannotesItalian Notes is a large, ever-growing collection of valuable information about Italy on many aspects: places, culture, food. All of this is brought to you from the perspective of a Dane who lives part of her life in Italy and knwows the country better than most Italians.
I’m constantly surprised by how much information about Italy it is possible to find on her website, including lesser-known facts that I personally, as an Italian, ignored.


The Culture Map
TheCultureMapA culture lover, Shing not only tells the story of her experience in the places she’s been to, but also the story of the places themselves.
I know that as a former expat, she knows what I know: that such an experience can be highly mind-opening and makes your future much better.
Beware: her website can contain penises from time to time.

“I believe this wide and wonderful world is for us to explore, not through secondhand narration but by delving in for ourselves!”



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