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Culture shock experiences from expats

What is Culture Shock? How does it develop over time? Here you can find an introduction to culture shock and accounts from expats about their experience with it.

Cultural shock

If you have ever felt in the wrong place after moving to a new city, or went through a stage of continuously criticizing people around you after expatriating, or felt irritable after relocating, you’ve probably suffered from culture shock.


You may not even have known you were suffering from culture shock.
Did you experienced some to several of the following symptoms sometime after relocating abroad or to another part of your own country?

  • Homesickness
  • Night unrest
  • Disliking locals
  • Tendency to criticize local customs
  • Judging local customs as (partly) immoral
  • Considering native culture as ideal
  • Appearance of new physical ailments
  • Being highly irritable by small issues
  • Feeling alone
  • Feeling inadequate
  • Depression
  • Voluntary isolation from others

These are typical symptoms of culture shock

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An example of culture shock and coping with it

In the Globalization Era coping with cultural shock is a more and more hot topic. I am going to give an example of what happened to me and how I dealt with it.

Culture Shock Typical Pattern

Culture Shock Typical Pattern

When I was in Switzerland since less than a year, more or less at a time when I was at the first low of the pattern(*), in a period in which many typical Swiss-life-things gave me stress, I received a letter from the local city hall.
Despite my lack of knowledge of German, I understood at a glance what the letter was talking about .

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