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How to vote from abroad

I always wondered how to vote from abroad and how to register for that. Last week I had a my chance to find out.

How to vote from abroad

Last Sunday and today are election days in Italy. Actually, we are talking about primary elections for one of the three major coalitions.

While I’m not a member nor a supporter of any of the parties involved in that particular coalition, for reasons I’m not going to explain here (patriotic reasons), I decided to take part to this “event”.

The guy who will be winner of this primary will be candidate for Prime Minister, which is the most powerful post.

Another important coalition was going to call a primary to choose its candidate, but now they seem having changed their mind (You think it’s funny? The right word is “tragicomic”. But what would you expect from people like that).

I’m Italian, but I live in Switzerland. Here is the story of how I could vote for primary elections from abroad.

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