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Saint Petersburg’s architectural beauty and attractions: a photo essay

The Bronze Horseman, 1782 equestrian statue of Peter the Great, Senate Square, Saint PetersburgWhat do you do when you are in St Petersburg for a short time?

I basically did two things. One is a must: visiting the Hermitage Museum.

The Hermitage is a huge, super-rich collection of pieces of art hosted in buildings which are pieces of art themselves. One of them, the main one, was the royal palace, the Tsar’s residence.
I haven’t seen anything similar to the Hermitage in my life, except for when I visited the Louvre in Paris and the Vatican Museums in Rome.
How long you’ll stay in there depends on your resistance. I think it can be up to one whole day

But what else to do in St. Petersburg on a two-day stay?

Since its first stone was laid in 1703 by Peter the Great, the Tsars called the best European architects from all over Europe to build what is now known as the most Western-like city of Russia.
Mainly Italian and French architects, but also Russians, year after year, century after century, called by Tsar after Tsar, erected a wonderful historical center, made of several different styles: the Petrine Baroque, the Baroque, the Neoclassical, down to nineteenth century’s styles.
All that has produced a large downtown that is an open-air piece of art, and which was promoted UNESCO World Heritage site.

Therefore, I decided to take a bus tour. Below you can find a selection of the photos taken during that two-hour memorable bus ride.

If you’ve never been to St. Petersburg, by looking at the following pictures you can decide yourself whether I’m exaggerating in being so enthusiast about this Russia’s pearl.

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Charlie Chaplin grave. Where is Charlie Chaplin buried?

Although Charlie Chaplin reached international fame by working and living for forty years in the United States, his grave is located overseas, in Switzerland.

A few days ago, while continuing our tour of Lakes of Switzerland, we enjoyed a week-end trip to Lake Geneva. A few minutes of the journey were devoted to visiting Charlie Chaplin’s grave.

Legendary icon of silent-film era, forever identified with The Tramp character, the man who has been the most famous actor in the world for decades, has his final resting place in Switzerland.

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The Meeting Place sculpture, St Pancras International, London

The Meeting Place is a sculpture by British artist Paul Day. It is placed inside St. Pancras International train station (British hub for international high-speed trains) in London, UK.

We took a photo of it during our last trip to London, back in May.

The Meeting Place at St Pancras International

According to Wikipedia, sculptor Antony Gormley, while talking of this sculpture, said there is an awful lot of crap out there”.

I didn’t find it too bad (but not unforgettable either). On the other hand, I have the same taste in art as an ant.


Sistine Chapel ceiling by Michelangelo is 500 year old

Sistine Chapel Ceiling by MichelangeloThe Sistine Chapel ceiling by Michelangelo reaches the remarkable age of five hundred.

Exactly five hundred years ago the frescoed ceiling of the Sistine Chapel was brought to completion. This unique, extraordinary and unparalleled work has been there, almost intact during the last five hundred years, for us to admire.

It was late October, early November 1512 AD, when Michelangelo, after four intense years of work, finally completed the frescoes on the ceiling.

Five hundred year old without not showing its age at all. In fact, to me the Sistine Chapel looks like it’s almost brand-new. Probably restoration that took place between 1984 and 1994 also played a role on that.

Today Sistine Chapel is part of the Vatican Museums, and it is visited by five million people a year.
The chapel is also famous for being the election location of catholic popes.


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