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Food in St. Petersburg, or how I ate as a real Russian (did I?)

DranikiDuring my short trip to Saint Petersburg, the most charming city in Russia, in ate only once in a restaurant.

As a result of that trip, I published a photo essay of Saint Petersburg historical center and a tip-post on a good budget hotel.

In the comments of the latter post, I was asked by Victor of Victor Travel Blog, a Russian travel blogger, to post something on Russian food.

Okay Victor, here’s the story around the only Russian meal I ever had.

I wanted that single shot to be totally Russian. It is my habit to eat local as much as I can, especially on short trips, in the belief that food, as much as language, tells a lot about a country’s culture. However, to be completely honest, I’m a total glutton.

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How I ate for free in Finland

Reindeer meat

Being offered a free meal by the Finnish State is possible, especially when it happens by chance.

I was driving in a low-populated area at noon. I looked for the nearest restaurant in my GPS navigator’s database. According to it, there was only one within a ray of 30 miles and it was a few kilometers ahead.

Following its indication I entered a village which was mostly made of small yellow and red family houses, with a few apartment buildings. The navigator brought me into a parking in front of what seemed to be the biggest building in the village. Quite an anonymous block, with a few signs, all of them in Finnish language.
However there were people getting in and out through a small automatic door. Maybe a shopping mall sized accordingly with the village? We’ll see”, I thought.

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Being a Vegan is easy, both at home and while traveling

Is it easy to be a vegan? Will traveling as a vegan make your life complicate? We asked a vegan.

Vegan lobster tails

Vegan lobster tails


Food habits are crucial for our well-being, health, and in turn for our happiness.

Although I’m not a vegetarian or a vegan, I like gathering as much as possible information about any nutrition style, in the belief that food habits are one of the most important things we can work on in order to fully and happily live our lives.

Today I asked my friend Dora some questions about the ins and outs of a vegan diet. Dora is a fellow ex-pat who moved her whole life to the other side of the ocean, by relocating from Italy to the U.S.

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