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How to stay in St. Petersburg on a budget — My experience at Nevsky Inn

Here is a possible solution for a budget accommodation in St. Petersburg’s charming — and expensive — city center

St. Petersburg's CathedralSt. Petersburg, Russia, is an extremely charming city.

It was built starting from early XVIII century in the north-western corner of the then Russian Empire on a then freshly annexed land, following a war.

Some historians believe that the act of building St. Petersburg, which was so close to Scandinavia and Prussian territories, and making it the new capital, was the turning point that transformed Russia from a remote Asian empire into a European country.

St. Petersburg is home to a wonderful and large historic center that makes it the most charming city in Russia. Its center partly resembles Italian and French towns, thanks to architects from those countries who were hired by the tsars and helped designing it.

Such beauty and charm, however, don’t come without a price. Although Russia is still a convenient country for westerners, an accommodation in St. Petersburg’s center can cost well over $100.

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Our Bratislava Hotel

Travel from Vienna to Bratislava for the night

We were in Vienna, Austria. Since Vienna is near the border with Slovakia, we decided to sleep in Bratislava, Slovakia’s capital city.

Where is Bratislava?

Bratislava is in Slovakia, close to the border to both Austria and Hungary. That makes it only 50 miles away from downtown Vienna. You can travel from Vienna to Bratislava in a very short time. We thought it was a good chance to visit a new town, to see a piece of Slovakia, and to save on the hotel. In fact, prices in Slovakia are lower than in Austria. Therefore, we booked a hotel in Bratislava and left Vienna.

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