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Cliffs of Moher Facts and photos

The Cliffs of Moher, IrelandThe Cliffs of Moher are a natural attraction on the Atlantic coast of Ireland.

This spectacular 5 mile-long chain of cliffs made of sedimentary rock sharply diving into the Atlantic is 700 ft high at its highest point.

The Cliffs are located in the opposite side of Ireland in respect to Dublin, in County Clare, on the western coast, right on North Atlantic ocean. They are reached by a million people every year.

The area of the Cliffs of Moher is home to a variety of birds as it is the largest seabird nesting colony in mainland Ireland.

The formation of the Cliffs started 320 million years ago. A river flew into the sea there during the Upper Carboniferous. In a warm environment, today’s sedimentary rocks were slowly formed by mud brought by the river that was dumped in layers during millennia and eventually dryed to turn into rock.

Reaching the Cliffs of Moher from Dublin

During our last holiday in Dublin we rented a car and crossed Ireland in order to visit the Cliffs.

Road to the Cliffs of Moher

Road to the Cliffs

Covering the 120 mi from Dublin to the west coast can be done quite rapidly, thanks to a freeway that doesn’t experience high volumes of traffic. Then there is an additional 40 mi route made of narrow roads flanked by dry stone walls that traverse a charming countryside.

The access to the cliffs isn’t free. You can access the site by paying €6. Parking is included in the ticket.

Carved in a hill just on the back of the central part of the cliffs is the Visitor Center, home to expositions and shops. Actually, it’s “centre”. We ignored it and went straight to the cliffs.

The place is spectacular, especially on a sunny day like the one of our visit.

To me, seeing the cost going down so abruptly into the ocean was like being on the very edge of Europe before the Atlantic. I couldn’t help thinking that this was the last sight for so many migrants looking for a new life in America (actually their ships mostly sailed a little bit more south, but allow me the picture, ok?)

Here is a series of our photos of the Cliffs. Only the last one is from Wikipedia.

The view from our very hotel room. The northern part of the Cliffs is visible

The view from our very hotel room. The northern part of the Cliffs is visible

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Facts about the Alps, Europe’s great mountain range

The Alps have always been an important part of Europe.

They are geographically important, representing 11% of Europe’s surface and heavily influencing its climate. They are important from a historical point of view, as they were a barrier for people movements and trade. They are culturally important for a shared, cross-national Alpine culture has developed on their valleys and mountains.

matterhorn in winter

Matterhorn, at the border between Italy and Switzerland

Local lifestyle and the way the Alps are seen from the outside have both changed dramatically during recent decades. From a remote, hard-to-live-in region where economy was mainly based on livestock, the Alps turned into one of the most important tourist destinations in Europe, especially in winter.

This is not a surprise, since the Alps provide awe-inspiring and majestic views.
If you’ve ever been on the bottom of one their valleys, which look like being hollowed out of the surrounding rocky walls, or on a flower-covered meadow on the top of a hill with high snowy peaks all around, you’ll know what I’m talking about.
Besides, since the Alps are made of high mountains spanning for several hundreds of miles, they are a natural venue for countless ski slopes and related resorts. Here is one of them featuring the highest suspension bridge in Europe.

Let’s check some facts about Europe’s most famous mountain range.

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Out in the middle of nowhere, up north in winter

As soon as I jumped into the car at the airport I saw a green cable placed on the passenger’s seat.
When I reached my hotel, I noticed that every parking bay had a stake with a box on top of it. Inside the box, a power socket and a settable timer. The green cable is used to connect the box to a small socket on the front of the car. That will provide power to maintain engine and battery warm. My car has also studded tires.

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Rural pictures of Romania

A well in the Banat region

A well in the Banat region

I’ve been several times to Romania.
I like the beauty of its landscapes, the easy-going way-of-life, and the friendship and extreme hospitality of its citizens.

Country landscape somewhere in Romania's Moldavia

Country landscape somewhere in Romania’s Moldavia (not to be confused with the independent state with the same name)

Romania never completely enjoyed the benefits from moving from a communist regime into a capitalistic economy and it has been severely hit by the economic crisis. As a result, Romania is rather poor at the moment, it doesn’t have a large industry sector and experiences a diaspora of work force toward other countries.

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The most beautiful place on Earth

What is for you the most beautiful place on EarthThe most beautiful place on Earth, the most spectacular place you’ve ever been to?

What was the top moment in your traveling experience?

Which is the place that gave you the deepest emotions?

The one that you couldn’t even imagine it was so exciting, or moving, until you saw it?

The place that, while you were looking at it, you couldn’t even believe you were actually there?

Did that ever happen to you?

Let me know about that in the comment section. This blog has so few readers – and even less comments – at the moment, that probably few to no people will answer this. But I wanted to ask those questions now anyway.

One reason is that my own answer is connected to a series of future articles I am planning to write.

So… when did top moment in my personal travel experience occur?

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