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Corruption in the world: Where can I move to find less corruption?

Corruption in everyday life

Living with corruption in your everyday life

Our hero approaches the driving school manager and hands him money. It’s a whole by-weekly salary for him.

It’s not a payment, it’s bribery. The manager will hand-over that money to the examiner (of course after retaining a percentage of it). It’s nothing unusual around there. Everybody does that.

But this time the manager seems to be unexpectedly reluctant. After hesitating for a second he says: “I’m sorry, but I know your father is a policeman. It’s too dangerous. I will take nothing from you.”

That day our hero was the only one to fail road test.

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Best country to be born in 2013

Which countries are the best to be born in? Where my children would have the best opportunities? These questions tease any prospective expat parent. The Economist tries to give an answer to these questions since many years.

Pregnant woman bouncing on a birth ball

The moment we consider relocating to another country we ask ourselves whether and how that will improve our life.

If you have children, you would probably think of an improvement in their quality of life first.

Therefore becoming an expat can often be a way to give a better future to our children. Hence the question of this article: in which country should I give birth and raise my children in order to give them a better life than the one I have?

The Economist answers this question since more than two decades, with the Lottery of Life, an annual list of the best countries in the world to be born.

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Learn how to deal with Finnish people by knowing how they think

A small house in Southern FinlandHe seems to be thinking thoroughly before answering my question. After a long pause, he says “I think that our people did something unforgivable somewhere in Eastern Europe and as a consequence they had to run and hide. And what place would have been better than this to hide, where nobody else would like to live!”

Actually the place we are talking about is awesome. By looking out of the window, I can see a nearly flat land covered in woods and snow, with some granite formations coming out of the ground.
However, living here until a few decades ago must not have been that easy. A long winter, with temperature easily reaching minus 20 F, must have made life hard. For most part of the year there weren’t even crops, leaving only animal food available.
That may explain why I see butter and dried bread available everywhere in the cafeteria. Food habits always tell a lot about a people’s history. Just as much as their language.

But I have a lot more questions about the Finns other than a simple “why are you here?”

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Out in the middle of nowhere, up north in winter

As soon as I jumped into the car at the airport I saw a green cable placed on the passenger’s seat.
When I reached my hotel, I noticed that every parking bay had a stake with a box on top of it. Inside the box, a power socket and a settable timer. The green cable is used to connect the box to a small socket on the front of the car. That will provide power to maintain engine and battery warm. My car has also studded tires.

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